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Gloria & Cathy I would like to start off by saying how many compliments we get on our wedding pictures on a regular basis. A wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and thanks to Gloria and Cathy we have the most beautiful photographs to supplement our memories for the rest of our lives. These ladies were there for the entire day from hair appointments through the end of the reception and captured every candid moment we wanted, and more. Gloria and Cathy were both creative and very professional. We are very pleased with our decision to hire Gloria and Cathy and would like to thank them so much for making our dreams come true.

~ Brad & Natasha

I would like to say how impressed I am with the quality of my wedding photos! I had expectations, and they were high! I did not expect them to be surpassed by such a long shot! I never thought that having 2 photographers for the same event would have been beneficial until I received my photos back! It was amazing to see simultanenous shots of me standing in front of the guests while my bride to be was in the back room getting dressed with her bridesmaids. For that period of time it was really was like 2 separate events and it was a lot of fun to look back and laugh about what we were each doing during these same time periods. The pictures themeselves impressed me, you would think that the entire wedding party had synchronized their blinking because everybody had their eyes open in every finalized shot! I received a wedding album and all the best shots (LOTS of them!) and a DVD with hundreds more! The final surprise was the edits – we had indicated we were going to Disney World for our Honeymoon, and we were cropped out of some of our better pictures and very realistically placd in the Magic Kingdom! I would recommend Gloria & Cathy for any event you want a lasting record of! They will capture you, your guests, and even things you had no idea were happening! I am totally satisfied with the value I was given! You get a gold star!

~ Robby & Kerri